About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my little corner on the web. As a mom to two gorgeous boys, childcare and childhood development is a topic close to my heart.

All my life I had looked forward to motherhood. But when I actually became a mother for the first time, I was caught off guard. I had spent so many years dreaming about my future children, I just assumed that motherhood and caring for a baby would come naturally. It didn’t. When I had my first beautiful boy, I felt so wildly out of my depth. He cried a lot. It felt as if nothing I did was enough. I felt as if I wasn’t good enough. As if I was not supposed to be a mother. It was a very difficult time for me.

When my firstborn was about 3 months old, while visiting a close friend of mine who had also recently had her first child, I broke down. I told her how I felt I was failing as a mom, between large sobs. She shared that she had gone through those same feelings. What helped her work through it was joining a mom’s group that met once a week.

It was hosted by an early childcare expert. The groups not only gave new moms a chance to get together, and provide each other with support, but the group leader would also teach the moms different aspects of childcare and childhood development. I joined her at the next session, and almost immediately I started feeling better. I wasn’t alone.

I realized that I wanted to help other new moms the way this group helped me. Not everyone has the luxury of attending mom groups, and so I created this blog.