Choosing Toys for Preschoolers

choosing-toys-toddlersWith the huge range of toys on the market for children of all ages, selecting the right ones for your preschooler can be very difficult. So many toys claim to assist in childhood development, but how do you know if they actually do? And how can you be sure the toys you buy are actually safe for children? This blog post will help you select the toys that will be most beneficial for your preschooler.

Educational Toys

Look for toys that will benefit the child across many different developmental areas and that will help stimulate your child. You should get toys that will hep with large motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, and critical thinking skills.

Also, consider the interests of the child at the current time. If the child is interested in dinosaurs, for example, getting a toy dinosaur that helps develop large motor skills will be played with more than a toy airplane. Choosing educational toys based on the child’s interest means that the toys will get played with a lot more, which in turn will increase the particular skill the toy assists with.

Safe Toys

Young children very regularly put all sorts of items in their mouths. This comes from wanting to explore items fully. Because of this, there are two main requirements for toys with preschoolers – big and easy to clean. You should get toys that will be difficult for the child to fit in their mouth, with no small parts that are easily swallowed. Also, opt for toys that can be easily cleaned -because it is no secret that children and toddlers are both messy and prone to putting things in their mouths. Toys that are regularly cleaned will help limit the spread of bacteria and dirt. Some plastic toys are even dishwasher safe, which is a bonus for busy moms!

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