Get Your Child Excited About Math

Learning In PreschoolMath tends to be a love it or hate it subject for many students and children. The approach you take with them when it comes to math will impact their lifelong attitudes towards it.

Make math part of your everyday life

Incorporate basic math in your daily routine and life. You will be surprised at how much of what you do actually involves math. At the grocery store, have your child count how many bananas are in the bunch. When you get up in the morning get them to calculate how long you have until you have to leave. Involve your children when baking and teach them how to weigh out different ingredients, and how to use the various measuring cups.

Pay for chores

Give your child an allowance – even if it is very small – for doing certain chores. They can get used to working out how much certain chores will give them, and how much they will need to buy a certain item, for example a toy. At the end of each week get them to count their money, and then decide how much to put away as savings and how much they want to spend.

Make it a game

By making a game out of doing math, it makes it more exciting and not seem like a chore. “Shopkeeper” is a game that children enjoy. You and your child can take turns to play the shopkeeper and the customer. Get your child to work out the totals of the items, and the change required.

For the slightly older child, Monopoly is a fun family game that incorporates math. Make them the banker for extra exposure.

Make use of technology

These days children from a very young age know how to work smartphones and tablets. Download educational math games so they can learn while having fun, too.

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