Teaching Kids To Dress Themselves

Child learning to button his own shirt.As toddlers get older, they also become more independent and want to start dong things alone.
One thing they will start insisting on is dressing themselves. You can make it easier for them to learn by selecting clothing that is easier to put on and take off.

Coats and jackets

Buy a coat slightly bigger that your child’s normal size – this will make it easier for them to put on. If it comes with a zip, keep the bottom of the zip done up so the child simply steps in and out of the coat and the pull the zip up. Connecting the bottom of the zip is a more difficult skill than pulling it up.


Stick to bottoms with an elasticated waist, and skip the zips and buttons. Let your child sit on a low step or stool, and have push one foot through the pants leg until the foot comes out the other end, and then place the foot on the floor. they can then do the same with the other leg, before standing up and pulling the pants all the way up. Pants with wider legs will be easier than leggings. Avoid buttons at all cost.


Choosing socks with colored heels will make it easier for your child to know which way around to pull them on (a common difficulty when putting on socks). Try to avoid tights, if possible. They are difficult enough for mom to get on their daughter’s legs, and more so for the daughter to try to get on themselves.


Slip-on shoes or shoes with velcro straps are ideal for the child just learning to dress herself. Teach them how to tell which shoe goes on which foot. Or – to make it easier – you can make a small drawing on the soles, e.g. a star for the left foot and a heart for the right foot.

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